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FineFix enrollment has ended.

If you have already enrolled and started a payment plan, you can still access your account to make your remaining payments.

In partnership with:
Maryland Auto Uninsured Division
Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA)

FineFix allows participants to pause payments during state of emergency. 

In an effort to provide additional financial relief to FineFix participants during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, participants will be allowed to pause payment plans during Maryland's state of emergency. For more information, visit the FineFix Coronavirus Response page.

FineFix enrollment ended on January 1, 2020. 

If you enrolled in a payment plan and made an initial payment prior to the enrollment cut-off you can still access your user accounts and complete any scheduled payment program. 

  • Those who were eligible for FineFix, but did not enroll prior to January 1, 2020, must contact the Central Collections Unit (CCU) to discuss options for resolving any outstanding uninsured auto fines.
  • The 80% fine reduction associated with FineFix is no longer available. However, CCU provides payment plans to assist debtors in paying off outstanding debts.

FineFix participants - avoid reinstatement of your fines.

FineFix participants must meet these guidelines in order to avoid having any fines forgiven by the program reinstated.

  1. Complete your payment plan.
    You have 6 months from the initial payment to complete your FineFix payment plan and pay off your reduced balance. FineFix participants who do not complete their payment plans by the end of the six-month period face reinstatement of their fines. 
  2. If you own or purchase a vehicle, you must register and insure it.
    Drivers who enrolled in FineFix and already own a vehicle, or who later purchase one, must register and obtain insurance on any vehicle. Insurance must remain in force for at least 6 months if the non-discounted fines were less than $3,000. If the original amount owed was greater than $3,000, insurance must be kept in force for at least 1 year in order to avoid reinstatement of fines. Participants may purchase insurance from any insurance company. However, all FineFix participants are automatically eligible for coverage with Maryland Auto Insurance. Visit the FineFix Resources page to find an agent near you.