Western Union Troubleshooting

Western Union storefront.

Cash payments can be made in person.

Cash payments for FineFix can be made at any Western Union location in Maryland. Western Union Location Finder

You will need to indicate that you're making a FineFix payment and provide your Central Collections Unit (CCU) Debtor Number. Western Union representatives do not have access to FineFix account information and will be unable to search for your CCU Debtor Number or the balance on your account.

Please be advised that Western Union will charge a $5 service fee for cash payments.

Your Western Union payment will post to your FineFix account on the following business day.

As a reminder, cash payments can also be made at CCU locations during normal business hours.

Payment not posted to your account?

If your Western Union payment does not appear in the Payment History screen of your FineFix account page, please use this form to provide the confirmation number. The FineFix service team will attempt to locate your payment in the Western Union system and match it to your FineFix account.